Kendall’s 2nd Birthday, 07/07/2015

Happy Birthday to sweet baby Kendall. She bring so much light into our lives.

Nicknames: Sweet Pea Angel, Kenny, Kenny Rogers, Sunny, Stinkie Binkie,

How old are you? 2 years old

What’s your favorite color? Pink

What’s your favorite animal? Kitty Cats

What’s your favorite book?

  • Loves all books with Kitty Cats. in particular, Slinki Malinki Early Bird.
  • Pout Pout Fish
  • She has Go Dogs Go mostly memorized.
  • The Big Hungry Bear and the red ripe Strawberry, she has some of that memorized.

What’s your favorite movie?

  • Frozen. It’s also the only movie we own.

What’s your favorite song?

  • If you ask her to sing a song she loves to sing, “baby angel, baby Angel, Momma loves you” and sometimes, “twinkle, twinkle little star”

What’s your favorite game?

  • Hid and seek.. putting her hands over her eyes, saying, “1, 2, 3, ready or not, here I come”
  • Loves to try and ride sisters scooter or unattended scooters in the park
  • Push her buggy everywhere and making sure Wilbert stays comforable with his blanket while carrying her purse.

What’s your favorite stuff animal? Loves Cousin Spot and Wilbert (stuffed pig)

What’s your favorite Fruit? Banana’s or Balama

What do you like to do before nap? Tell Mom and Dad to sing or scratch your back

What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know

Who is your best friend? Big Sister is my idol

What did we do on your Birthday?

  • We walked her little buggy Aunt Katie got her all the way to Highbury Park, decorated the house and ate cake that Big Sister and Mom put together for her.  Next day, we went to the Foodie Festival in Blackheath, UK.

Foodie Festival in BlackHeath, UK

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