Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Baths and Lacock

We are lucky enough to have our first visitors in town on their Spring Break, My Aunt and Uncle with my five cousins! I’m so lucky to have such an awesome or how the British would say, “brilliant” family. We all took a tour around the countryside. Here’s the 10 hour journey we took.

First stop of the day: Windsor Castle, The original castle was built in the 11th century after the Norman invasion of England by William the Conqueror who also took over the Tower of London in 1066 during the Battle of Hastings. Queen Elizabeth II, longest British monarch in history, standing at 91 serving 65 years as queen. She was at the castle during our visit but unfortunately, we did not get to meet her.  If we were expected to see her, etiquette is that we have to wait for her to speak to us. Typical response from the queen is, “have you traveled far”?

Second Stop: Stonehenge, a walk through our historic Neolithic ancestors. a prehistoric monument starting building in 3500 BC. They claim that these stones where transported by big rollers from Wales down to Salisbury and by boats. I’m not sure I buy that. Transporting up to 30 tons back in those days. IDK. Anyway, checking this off my bucket list.

Third Stop: Bath in the countryside of England. It is known for its Hotsprings where the Romans use to bath in and known for “healing pow. They are known for their honey-coloured Bath stone in most of the town’s architecture, including at Bath Abbey, noted for its fan-vaulting, tower and large stained-glass windows. Also, where Charles Dickens wrote his first novel “The Pickwick Papers”.

Last Stop: Lacock, England founded in 1232, it is a town that is almost entirely owned by the National Trust. When people ran out of money from having to go to wars these old homes would “foreclose”, pre se. This trust, founded in 1895, allowed the owner to continue to live in 1/8 of the house while allowing the rest be seen and viewed by the public. This trust also protected historic landscape in order to preserve and protect it being sold off to private investors. In my opinion, It’s a very different concept being from America where the government doesn’t protect you from homelessness even though you pay taxes. Seems a bit backwards.

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